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Chiropractic and Kids

Kids of all ages, from newborn to teenagers, can benefit from chiropractic checkups

picture of child holding a spine.png
picture of child holding a spine.png

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree."

Chiropractic assessment for children is just as important as any checkup for their teeth or eyes. By finding any issues early, we can correct and ensure your child's skeletal and spinal development is healthy and on the right path.

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What Do Kids See A Chiropractor For?


Nursing and Lactation Issues

Falls and Concussion

Spinal Check and Motor Development Assessment

Sports Injuries

Joint Sprains

Scoliosis Check and Monitoring

Flat Feet

Computerized instrument adjusting (the ProAdjuster) is extremely comfortable and accessible for kids as young as toddlers, who can sit in the chair as pictured. For our youngest patients (newborns and infants), we may utilize another instrument called the Activator which also involves no twisting or turning to the spine. We offer chiropractic care at our special kids and students rates, please call for details.

ProAdjuster kids chiropractic treatment
Kids chiropractic treatment
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