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Stouffville Reader's Choice Awards 2023 Winner for Best Acupuncture & Acupuncturist

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Acupuncture is based on the Eastern medicine philosophy that illness or pain is caused by blockage of Qi (pronounced "Chee", it is the Chinese word for energy) of meridians (energy pathways) throughout the body.  Needles are placed at specific points in different meridians to change the flow of Qi, to stimulate healing and to remove pain.  Traditional Chinese medicine uses acupuncture to treat everything from back pain, headaches, to fertility problems and cessation of smoking.  Current scientific research suggests that the release of endorphins may play a key role in the healing and pain relief effects of acupuncture.  


Clean Needle Technique
Clean needle technique is an important part of the acupuncture treatments at Advanced Chiropractic + Wellness Centre.  This means that all needles are sterile
and packaged, used only once, and disposed safely after
​a single use.  

Services Offered
At Advanced Chiropractic + Wellness Centre we offer medical acupuncture as an added treatment to your chiropractic adjustments or registered massage therapy.

Call us today to see if acupuncture can help you, and ask about our special combo Adjustment + Acupuncture

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