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Why Computerized Chiropractic Care?

proadjuster pic.jpg


The ProAdjuster

There are many instruments to treat your body, but this remains the only tool that can first detect where the spinal joints are stiff, then treat them directly, all without any twisting or turning to the neck or back. 

The ProAdjuster uses a piezoelectric sensor to measure joint stiffness, then restores movement to the neck and back by utilizing a gentle tapping force directed to the spine.

Post treatment scans help the doctor and the patient see improvements in the spine. The technology of the touch screens allow for highly efficient treatments, and the technique of our skilled doctors using the computerized tool  will help you achieve your personal health goals. Technology + Technique = Trust in the finding the right care plan for you.



Consistent, Comfortable, Computerized

So why choose computerized chiropractic care over traditional methods?


The computer is the computer. So while you may get minor variations in readings or treatments over days or between our doctors, you can be assured that the accuracy of the computer allows for greater reliability. Consistent treatments and readings translates into better results.


Treatment is done in the chair similar to the one pictured to the right. Patients are seated and face down for the duration of the treatment. No more worrying about getting up and down off a traditional table where you would lie down. The positioning of being seated forward allows for complete relaxation of your body during treatment.


You can rely on technology to assist the doctors in giving you a more accurate diagnosis. The computer allows both the doctor and patient to see progress and also to understand their diagnosis and treatment with computerized images and protocols.

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