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Focus on Health: Orthotics 101 

Dr. Christina Schoer

Do you have foot or ankle pain? Do you have an old pair of custom orthotics that need replacing? Are you curious if custom orthotics would be beneficial for you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, keep reading!

Custom orthotics are inserts placed inside your shoes to help support and align the feet and ankles. There are many different styles of custom orthotics, depending on what shoe you will be using and what activity you will be performing while using the orthotics.

Custom orthotics have many benefits, including:

1.    Improved posture and alignment. Orthotics can help to correct imbalances in the feet and ankles, which can lead to improved posture and alignment of the entire body. This can reduce the risk of pain and injury in the back, hips, and legs.

2.    Pain relief. Orthotics can help to alleviate pain in the feet, ankles, and lower legs by distributing weight more evenly across the foot and reducing pressure on certain areas.

3.    Increased comfort. Wearing orthotics can make walking and standing for long periods of time more comfortable, as they help to cushion and support the feet.

4.    Increased stability. Custom orthotics may improve stability and balance, particularly for those who are prone to falls or who have flat feet.

5.    Improved athletic performance. Many athletes wear orthotics to help improve their performance by providing additional support and stability to the feet and ankles.

In addition to these benefits, custom orthotics can also be used to treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including plantar fasciitis, bunions, and shin splints.

The Orthotic Process

The first step of the orthotic process involves a brief, detailed conversation about your current symptoms, if any, and what you are looking to achieve through the use of orthotics. If we believe orthotics may help you achieve your goal(s), we will then perform a physical examination where we will visually examine your feet and analyze your gait (walking) patterns. We then take an impression of your feet and arches using a foam cast. Lastly, we work with you to decide which type of custom orthotic is best for you, as there are various options available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Are custom orthotics just for treating foot pain? The answer is no! A proper foundation begins at ground level; if there are structural issues with your feet, this may be causing foot pain, but these structural changes can also impact all the way up the chain including your ankles, knees, hips, and low back. 

2.    How much do custom orthotics cost? Advanced Chiropractic + Wellness Centre has a flat fee of $425.00 per pair of custom orthotics. 

3.    How often should I replace my orthotics? We recommend replacing your orthotics every 1-2 years. Orthotic lifespan depends on how they look and how they are used – cracks, broken pieces, or thinning soles are clear indications that it’s time to replace your current pair! 

4.    Are custom orthotics covered by insurance? This is dependent on your insurance company and the policy you hold. If you are wanting to get orthotics and be compensated by your insurance, it would be best to first check if you have coverage. Some insurance companies also require a note from a Medical Doctor for you to receive coverage on your orthotics. 

5.    Should my custom orthotics hurt? Your feet and body may need a short period of time to get adjusted to the orthotics and slight discomfort during this period is normal, however your orthotics should never cause pain. If your orthotics are causing pain, it is important to notify us immediately so we can make the appropriate modifications. 

Here at Advanced Chiropractic + Wellness Centre, our chiropractors are educated and trained to prescribe and cast custom orthotics! If you have any questions about custom orthotics and the process of ordering a pair, speak directly to your chiropractor at your next visit or call the clinic at 905-591-2591. In order to receive your custom orthotics by December 31st, 2023, the cut-off date to cast and order is December 18th, 2023.

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