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Focus on Health: Spinal Health for World Spine Day!

Dr. Schoer

Did you know, October 16th is World Spine Day? This special day helps raise awareness about the importance of spinal health as well as bring attention to one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions affecting people worldwide, low back pain, and what we can do to improve our spinal health. Our spines play a role in every movement of the body so it is crucial to maintain its overall health! But how?

5 Ways to Promote Spinal Health:

#1. Move!

One of the best things you can do for your spine is to keep it active. Just like any other muscle in your body, your spine needs regular movement to stay healthy and strong. Try incorporating stretches and light aerobic activity into your daily routine. Light aerobic exercises that are particularly good for your spine’s health include yoga, swimming and water aerobics, and simple walking. Exercising regularly will help improve your range of motion, reduce stiffness, and prevent back pain. Motion is lotion!

#2. Lift Properly

Whenever you lift heavy objects (even lifting a toddler can do a number on your back!), it’s important to do it correctly. Improper lifting can put unnecessary strain on your spine and increase your risk or further aggravate your back pain. When lifting an object, always use the power and strength of your legs, not your back, to do the work. Squat down while keeping a straight back, grab the object, and push back to standing with your legs. This will help prevent injury and keep your spine healthy.

#3. Stand When You Can

When you sit for long periods of time, this puts extra pressure on your spine which can lead to various problems, including back pain, stiffness, and poor posture. Whenever possible, try to stand and move around for 5-10 minutes every hour. If you have a desk job and have the opportunity to use a standing desk, do so! Prioritizing standing throughout your day will help take the pressure off your spine and keep your muscles active.

#4. Maintain Healthy Habits

Maintaining healthy habits for your overall well-being has a positive impact on your spine’s health as well. Maintaining a healthy body weight reduces the strain placed on your spine during everyday activities. Ensure you are having an adequate intake of vitamin D and calcium as these vitamins and minerals are essential in keeping your bones strong and preventing osteoporosis – a condition that weakens your bones and increases your risk of fractures!

#5. Seek Help for Back Pain

If you experience back pain, don’t try to “tough it out”. Seeking professional help when you experience pain (and even when you don’t!) is an important step in achieving long-term spinal health. As chiropractors, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of spine-related conditions making chiropractic care an excellent way to achieve and maintain a healthy spine. Even if you are not experiencing back pain, you can still benefit from chiropractic care for overall wellness. Consider seeking the support from one of the chiropractors here at the clinic!

There are many other ways to promote and maintain spinal health but following these 5 tips is a great way to start! Can you think of any other ways to promote your spine’s health and well-being? Let us know in the comments!

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